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Pushpagiri Residential Public School

Address: Pushpagiri Nagar Ukkaipalli (po) Chinnachowk (panchayat) Cuddapah Andhra Pradesh


This 36 year old Private school is 5479th best school of India. English is endorsed language of communication in classrooms and Pushpagiri Residential Public School has authorized English as medium of instruction and preferred textbook language as well. Progressive management members of Bharat Iyavijnampeetham are keen to provide competitive, practical and diverse environment to their students and hence they have opted to educate girls and boys in same classrooms.Pushpagiri Residential Public School follows the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) curriculum in its class rooms. NCERT is autonomous organization of the Union Government of India and their curriculum framework is globally accepted. NCERT curriculum is famous for its edge in various competitive exams in India.

Pushpagiri Residential Public School is affiliated from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). CBSE is most widely accepted education board for public and private schools, under the Government of India. CBSE board affiliation code for this school is 130095.Though this school is affiliated with CBSE but one must note that affiliation is not permanent, their current affiliation status is provisional. Usually CBSE grants three years of provisional affiliation to schools and after completion of affiliation period, affiliation can either be extended for next three-five year or it can be revoked based on fulfillment of the essential conditions of the Affiliation Bye-Laws.

Performance wise this school belongs to the category of worst schools in India, We feel sorry for students over here. Students getting educated from here shall kiss a goodbye to their career(or may be switch school next year), and one planning to take admission should stay clear from here, In fact proper home schooling shall be better than this school, No we are not getting hyper its actually the worst, there is no bad schools than this school. Bar cannot go down any further, we are not sure if teachers at all come to class room, and May they get offended but I do not care, there management is plain lazy and care less. Education word is joke over here

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Pushpagiri Residential Public School Basic Details

Instruction Medium


Affiliated Board




Phone Number

08562 41778 45, 01482264580

FAX Number


School Address

Pushpagiri Nagar Ukkaipalli (po) Chinnachowk (panchayat) Cuddapah Andhra Pradesh


[email protected]


Year of Establishment


School Status

Senior Secondary


Bharat Iyavijnampeetham



CBSE Affiliation


India Rank

5479 out of 5595 CBSE Schools


98 out of 99 CBSE Schools in ANDHRA PRADESH