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Awas Vikas Colony Chhibraman Kannauj Uttar Pradesh

Subhash Academy is the best school that you may found near Kannoj it is 794th worst school in India and additionally it is 206th worst school in Uttar Pradesh.
BestSchool rating for this school is E1, which means this school comes in category of poor school. This kind of school shall be avoided when ever its possible. Only E2 rated school are worse than E1 rated schools. Subhash Academy is one of the top 10 schools near Kannoj.

Subhash Academy is affiliated by Central Board of Secondary Education and its CBSE board affiliation code is 2130463.
Overall this school scores 2 out of 10. Ranking and rating calculations are primarily based on results of 151 students who appeared on last year board exam and scored an average of 56.19%.

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